Teacher Get’s Slammed for Attire: Are Curves Offensive?

A few days ago images of 4th grade teacher, Patrice “Tricey” Brown, from Atlanta G.A. went viral after she was bashed for her attire. Many men sexualized the images while women proceeded to drag her saying that her outfit disrupted the learning environment.  In the picture below, the teacher is literally wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt…. excuse the hell out of her for having a nice body. There are literally women on Twitter as I type this post complaining that leopard print flats are “clearly the devil’s shoe”. Though Ms. Brown doesn’t reveal any cleavage or other inappropriate body parts, many feel that she does not LOOK like a “real” professional…..


Firstly, I think everyone needs to remember that it is 2016. When I was in elementary school in the 90’s, most of the teachers were extremely old, didn’t necessarily care how they dressed and wore the same struggling kitten heels on a daily basis. Even today, I feel that a lot people still have this idea and vision of what an elementary school teacher should look like. When it comes to the role of a school teacher,  a lot of people have this idea that they shouldn’t be physically attractive and she dare not be considered sexy. Society expects all teachers to wear frumpy loose fitting clothes everyday.


In terms of the woman being bashed on social media, I think a lot of the issue is with her body type. She’s absolutely beautiful and she also looks fit. A part of what is seen here is the fact that this woman clearly has curves and let’s face it she’s physically attractive as well. Society puts a lot of shame on women for their curves and if her body type was pencil thin this wouldn’t even be an issue. If her features weren’t deemed attractive my society’s standards no one would even blink an eye at this woman. I’m quite sure that Ms. Brown could wear dress pants with a suit jacket and people would still find something to complain about. She isn’t wearing flip-flops or spaghetti straps, so what exactly is the problem here? I’m sure Ms. Brown has a college education and as you know school teachers don’t make a lot of money annually. So a woman that shows up to work and cares about her appearance to a job that is rewarding for her speaks volumes. I see a lot of school teachers that look exactly like their pay checks and don’t take pride in their appearance at all both male and female. Is that acceptable? I don’t see anyone shaming the teachers that come to work that look sloppy and have bad hygiene.

People are threatened by feminine curves. From day one in the school environment as students, boys are never taught to have self control and respect; meanwhile girls are constantly reprimanded for dressing as the weather permits. I completely understand the policy of a dress code within the school environment, however, I find it unfair that we are not all held at the same standard. I never realized that the double standards that I once experienced in grade school would also be extremely prevalent in my daily life as an adult. I’ve seen so many women with naturally skinny frames get away with wearing skimpy clothing both in the media and in the working world; while curvier women are hypersexualized and seen as inappropriate wearing the same outfit.

In professional work environments, women more than men are expected to dress  conservative  which means showing very little skin. The reason for this being, a woman may attract the wrong type of attention from other men and women….”we wouldn’t want that”. Women that are curvy are expected to completely get rid of their curvy frame and ass while at work through an implemented dress code. The problem with this idea is that you can’t necessarily get rid of your curves unless you wear a potato sack to work everyday. Naturally, I feel that insecure  women will always be threatened by a woman with an attractive curvy frame and men will always take a second glance. I see too much hate towards Ms. Brown coming from other  women, which is sickening. It definitely is the result of jealousy. I wish more woman would take the time to lift each other up. Instead of people taking the time out of their simple lives to bash Ms. Brown, let’s applaud her for being college educated and appearing as though she enjoys impacting the school system in Atlanta, G.A. We have much bigger shit to be concerned with.

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