What type of sex are you having?

Have you heard the amazing news? All sex is not created equal. Isn’t that great? No matter how bad your sex life is, there is hope for a better tomorrow. You may have to swap your partner out for someone new depending on the type of sex you’re having. If you’re single then congrats, the world is your smorgasbord. Let’s take a look at the different types of sex.

Making Love
Nothing wrong with wanting to emotionally engage during sex but making love is on a whole other level. This type is more than just a rumble beneath the sheets; it’s a undeniable emotional connection between two people. The formula is 1 part gentle and 1 part sensual, to concoct the ultimate love connection. There may even be a few tears. And if you’re not the emotional type like myself, you won’t enjoy it too much. In my opinion “making love” is the perfect type of sex to have when a couple is trying to get pregnant. Sound appeasing yet?

This type of sex is generally seen in porn and usually the type most guys claim to have and most women claim to be able to handle. Stamina is going to be your best friend and don’t think it’s ok to be shy with this type. There’s also not a lot of love in this scenario so don’t go looking for it. Most women enjoy being owned in the bedroom but sometimes crazy sex can lead to dickmatization (it’s a real thing). Just know, as long as you stretch before hand, you’re going to have an unforgettable night.

Something about cheating that changes sex. It can be exciting, fun, maybe even better for those that lack a soul. Some even step out of the relationship because they’re sexually unsatisfied. In other cases, some sort of attachment may have developed with this third party. So when they start “working late” it may be because they met someone that doesn’t have as many sexual restrictions or someone they can connect with. In so many words they begin to fulfill some area of a cheaters life. Only one little factor that could blow this fun bus to hell and that’s in the case their partner finds out. Then would be the time to run. Like get a passport, travel far, and don’t look back.

Sex after a big argument with your love is like getting ice cream after doing all your chores. There’s a deep plummet then a crazy climax, maybe ice cream and chores was a bad analogy? It will feel like spending 8 hours in the gym after such an emotional and physical work out. I would recommend this be the way every couple ends a fight. Depending on what the issue was. Don’t sleep with them if you just found out they smashed the homie.

Break up
Sex after splitting with your partner is one of the biggest and best mistakes to make. It’s going to be amazing and it’s going to make you hate yourself. This has to be the most dangerous type of sex on the list. Not only are you playing with your own emotions but it’s almost a guarantee that you will consider getting back together. This can be an effective way of ensuring you don’t break up over the small things but sometimes it’s better to part. Just make sure if you have this type of sex you’re emotionally in control of yourself. Nothing worse than trying to reconnect when your ex is totally over you already.

This type of sex is the dumbest because it’s completely avoidable and everyone should want to avoid bad sex. Believe you me, this will be the worst. For one, you’re emotionally unstable at this point so you’re not in your right mind. You won’t be able to debate if you should or not because those crazy voices are telling you to do it. Brush that little devil off your shoulder and go with the angel that forewarns about the bad time you’re about to have. Take some time to yourself to be ready for sex with someone new. Rebound sex is just like piss drunk sex, no one ever wants to remember it.

Friends with benefits
This type has to be the most confusing on the list. This pair is a match made in sex-heaven and may even have a bit of chemistry beyond the bedroom but a relationship is just out of the question. You clearly keep going back because the sex is good and maybe there’s a friendship there. This is as much of a possibility as having zero personal connection with a fuck buddy. Fuck buddies in my opinion are kind of like hookers that don’t charge. They’re there when you arrange and leave when it’s done, never to be heard of again until next time.

This is the most difficult type to discuss because it’s the most difficult to have. Many couples lose that spark after some time together but for the ones that find new ways to reinvent their sex lives, you the real MVP. It’s complicated to maintain mind blowing sex with one person for an extended time but once a couple has mastered how to, they become soul mates. Ever wondered how that happened? This pair will be able to survive just about anything because they will always hold an attraction to each other. And anyone that says attraction isn’t important in a relationship is lying.

Those are all the sex types my dirty mind could conjure up today but I hope you all enjoyed reading. Stay safe and have fun.

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