5 Ways to Impress a Girl When You’re Broke

Men seem to always complain that women want entirely too much. They have the inclination that ALL women want $200 dinner dates, Louboutin heels and fancy vacations during the dating phase or even when in a relationships. Though there are some women that value the materialistic approach of a man, there are still many women that admire a creative date instead of an overly priced one. The average man doesn’t have a bank account that looks like Christian Grey’s. To be realistic, they  have debt and are trying to make progress while also trying to make ends meet. If you are a man that has attracted the attention of  a woman, there are plenty of ways you can impress her even if you’re low on funds. The problem with this being, is that men lack a lot of creativity and effort. Don’t automatically toss a woman into the “she only wants a man with money” category without actually putting in the work to build upon the relationship yourself. Here are 5 Ways to Impress a Woman When You’re Broke: 

Cook Her a Meal 

The saying goes, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but, women love to eat just as much. Cooking a girl’s favorite meal will definitely leave a lasting impression , especially if you remembered her favorite meal (take note). For the men that are probably shaking their head at this idea, there are tons of resources that will give you a step by step guide to cooking a delicious meal. I know I’m not the only one that has been bombarded by those mini cooking videos on Facebook or on Buzzfeed that instantly make you hungry.

BN-LJ644_tasty_P_20151120160929 (1).jpg

If the weather permits, you could even plan a small picnic if you know that the outdoors is something that she enjoys. Even if you are unable to find  a place to have a picnic in a park,  you could arrange a date on a roof top or another location that is outdoors. Don’t be afraid your’re being cheesy, it’s simply about showing her a great time while also being more personal.

Indoor Spa Day 

Women enjoy being pampered. If you have been knowing this woman for quite some time tell her that you two are going to spend the night in. Before she comes over, go to the store and purchase some candles to set the mood and oil. Your phone will be used to set the mood  with some nice music. Give her the massage of her life and just spend the evening catering to her. If she’s truly interested in you, a spa day at home will show her that you don’t mind pampering her and giving a pleasurable experience that isn’t sex -but close if you do it right.


Don’t Waste Her Time

The definition of “broke” varies from person to person. If you have gained the attention of a woman that is willing to see past your financial inabilities, it’s important to realize you are in a privledged situation. No I am not saying that a man with money is allowed to waste a woman’s time. What I’m saying, is that a man that is lacking financial stability obviously wants a woman that is willing to be patient and build with him. He wants a woman to be there  in the beginning when he is struggling and doesn’t have much to offer. With saying this, if a woman is willing to give you a chance don’t let your ego f*ck it up. Don’t play mind games or have other women on standby after you’ve told her you’re exclusive.Sometimes when men know they are unable to provide for a woman, they subconsciously begin to mess up a potentially good situation.  If a woman has expressed that she is willing to rough it with you , don’t disrespect her by being nonchalant and selfish. This type of woman is rare.

Have a Plan 

If you are financially struggling at the moment due to school, your current job or just simply debt, it is important to have a long term plan to get out of your situation. Many girls frown upon men that are deemed as “broke” simply because they have not voiced a realistic plan to get out of a broken situation. Telling a woman, ” I won’t be broke anymore after my music blows up on soundcloud” or ” I just go with the flow” are both poor examples of how NOT to impress a woman. It’s important that she understands that you may not have it all now but, that you are willing to put in the work  to accomplish your goals.  Women are more impressed by this stance and more willing to stand by your side if she feels secure.  A real woman is not going to walk around life aimlessly with you.


Show Your Genuine Interest

Though your bills took all your money for the month, that is no excuse for you not to attempt to be involved in the interests of the woman you are pursuing or in a relationship with. If you know she likes to work out, ask her to meet up for a run somewhere nice in the city. If she has expressed she is into scary movies, send her a text asking her if she thinks the new [insert horror movie name] is going to be worth it. The goal is to show that you are genuinely interested in the things that she enjoys most. Impress her by remembering some of those small details.



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