Men Are More Clingy Than Women?

I think there’s a bit of an epidemic going around called “man feelings”. You know those human beings with balls that are never supposed to cry, be intimidated or feel insecure because that’s feminine? Well they do all of those things and sometimes they do it more than us women. Now I’m wondering if men are more sensitive? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel feelings from time to time. Here’s how those “man feelings” can screw up your chances with a woman you like.

Everyone doesn’t get to score a date with someone they’re interested in. It usually takes the right place, time and set of circumstances to secure a time slot in your crush’s schedule. Just like women can screw up a great opportunity with someone they admire by being to clingy, needy, or insecure; same goes for men.

When women say we wish our guy or men in general would open up more emotionally, we’re not speaking about the men we haven’t emotionally connected with yet. So if you’re just meeting a girl you want to further things with, be cautious of how you show it.

For example, my experience in the dating world has been odd to say the least. It’s a cold, dark, scary place where everyone’s trying to maneuver around to finding Mr or Mrs right. I jumped in imagining things one way but came across something very foreign. The cycle looked a little something like, meets cute guy, talks for a few weeks, goes on a couple dates, man goes nuts. And I mean really nuts.

After less than a month of meeting someone there should be no “where are you” texts or “what’s taking you so long to reply?” questions or “we need to talk” conversations. But it kept happening. Over and over again and with different men.

It’s pretty difficult to shock someone as nonchalant as I am but after a few dates, consider me floored. I was definitely surprised to see men that I barely knew be so emotionally transparent. Don’t most try to hold off the crazy/emotional/insecure side of themselves until after the 3 month mark. At least wait for me to develop some sort of attachment before getting all territorial. That’s right, women can be repulsed by feelings too. And that I was.

Everything’s fragile in the begging stages of getting to know someone so every action should be somewhat calculated until the two of you know each other. Trigger points need to be discovered and attachment has to form before possessiveness and stage five clinger syndrome can be brushed off the shoulder.

It’s ok to really like someone and to want to express it. Just be careful that those expressions don’t come off needy or desperate, neither of those are sexy. The only time it’s ok to develop feelings this quickly is in the movies and unless you saved the world and defeated all the bad people with your crush; suppress those “man feelings” until she’s the crazy clingy one.

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