How to Tell if all He Wants is Sex

I think the worst joke the universe can play on a person is when it hand delivers a Mr. Right impersonator. I mean, come on. Everything feels right, looks right, seems right but until those 3 little words are uttered (I Love You), there’s a possibility all he wants is sex. Here’s a few signs that could indicate whether or not he’s a total tool.

Either the two of you have already slept together or you’re gearing up to finally give away the goods. Now you’re wondering if he’s only interested in one thing. Well if you have to ask, no I’m totally joking. Relationships are tricky especially when labels haven’t been established. It can be difficult to find out a person’s true motives but there are a few signs that can alert you to if he’s a playboy and you’re his next victim or if he’s a great guy who might make you an honest woman one day. Let’s check out the signs.

When did you meet

This is going to sound recycled but if you two met less than 8 weeks ago, the only thing he wantsΒ at this point is more than likely sex. You haven’t known each other long enough to establish a strong bond but that doesn’t mean his priorities can’t change. Keep spending time getting to know each other. Who knows? The more you discover about Mr. Perfect the more imperfect he may seem. Take your time. This isn’t a race and if it is what are you trying to win?

How did you meet
That’s right, the how is a major key. If you were introduced through a mutual friend, chances may be low versus bumping into a guy who’s drunker than you on the way to a bar. Pay attention to how he introduces himself, how he talks to you, and if he tries to touch you. Any sort of brief physical contact is a good sign. It shows he’s attracted and interested but not trying to scare you off by being too sexual.

Where do you spend time together
If you’re only meeting up at your place or his, all he wants is sex. Need I say more? This sign is the absolute most obvious because someone that wants to get to know you will find reasons to take you out and interact with you on a deeper level. There’s only so many movies you can watch on Netflix before someone makes a move.

What times do you see each other
The only sign as obvious as where you two hang out is when do you see each other? Anything after dark is a red flag. Yea they might have a crazy work schedule but chances are they don’t work every day all day. They have to see the daylight at some point so don’t buy into their excuses as to why they can only see you between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am. Surprise, you’re a booty call.

What do you talk about
If all they talk about is how big their package is and how much they’d like to show you, express delivery their ass back to wherever you found them. If you find yourself wondering why they never talk about anything other than topics that lead to sex, that’s all they’re interested in. Or if you find yourself trying to have a normal conversation with them about something not related to sex but they always find a reason to speak on their eggplant. Drop them! All he wants is sex.

Just ask
Lastly the only sure way to know what he’s truly interested in is to ask. Don’t dance around the topic either. Be firm and ask him directly, “are you only interested in sex with me?” May stun him a little but it’s better to know than to waste time, right? In the case he says yea, you really did yourself a favor because a man like that doesn’t even have enough decency to lie. Someone that’s that brutally honest, only wants sex.

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