What is Love?: Angelina Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt

Today, TMZ reported that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her long time lover and husband Brad Pitt.  TMZ further stated that Angelina will not be seeking for Brad to have joint or physical custody of the six children they share. According to TMZ, it was reported that Angelina wants to end the relationship due to Brad’s substance use and  his interactions with their children. Though this may be true, there had to have been a bigger ongoing issue tearing the couple apart for Angelina to give up on a  12 year relationship.

Honestly, this entire situation instantly reminded me of how karma is a bitch and that this was bound to happen.Angelina and Brad’s romance was cursed from the very beginning. If you remember back in 2004 when Angelina and Brad filmed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, there was a huge scandal where they both were accused of having an affair. During this time, Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston and they were considered  one of Hollywood’s “it”couples.  In the same year, Brad divorced Jennifer and pursued a relationship with Angelina with claims that they fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married. My grandmother always said, ” you will lose a man the same way that you got him”….

Though I’m not significantly shocked that Angelina and Brad are headed for divorce, I am impressed that they held on to their romance for over 10 years. The media has portrayed #Brangelina as a solid unit that has stood the test of time. They have six beautiful children and even overcame Angelina’s traumatic double mastectomy  and  oophorectomy
to prevent cancer in 2013 and 2015. When they finally got married 2014, the world gushed when Angelina decided to incorporate the artwork of their children into the design of her wedding dress and their approach to their daughter Shiloh transitioning into a little boy. They have portrayed themselves as a selfless family that are humanitarians for the people.


There are 6 Reasons Why a Woman Files for Divorce:

  1. Lack of emotional connections
  2. Differences over finances
  3. Not engaged with the family to include the children
  4. Inability to resolve conflict
  5. infidelity
  6. Controlling abusive behavior

Though TMZ reported that the divorce was filed by Angelina due to Brad’s substance abuse and his treatment of the children, I would not be surprised if there was some cheating. Back in 2008, Angelina revealed to the New York Times that she couldn’t wait for her children to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith because, ” not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love”. So you fell in love with your current husband while he was still married to his ex wife? I am by no means judging anyone who has been caught in an affair situation, it’s just a matter of knowing and accepting the situations that you involve yourself in.

I genuinely hope that Brad and Angelina will be able to reach a common ground at some point. They have 6 children together and it would be terrible if they allow anger to get in the way of being good parents. Angelina sounds like a woman scorn ……and honestly I’m secretly hoping that Taylor Swift comes forward as the mystery woman to give us clarity.

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