Why Women Act Crazy

So there’s a few different reasons for “crazy bitch” syndrome and unfortunately men can’t tell the difference. Some men enjoy the excitement that comes with lack of sanity while others do everything in their power to avoid it. Let’s break down the most common reasons why women act crazy.

1) the first reason is feelings. Anytime an emotional attachment is made, logic flies right out the nearest window. I’ve heard men complain about women being too sensitive before a relationship has even been established but it happens. Once someone, especially women, have set their sights on a person they like, feelings begin to brew. We take interest in who you are as a person and at this point we may even begin to feel entitled. Entitlement to what, you’re wondering? That would be anything and everything that has to do with you. Every little gesture you make is dissected and translated into, “he loves me”. I know this may seem a bit eccentric for anyone to act this way before the relationship becomes exclusive and it probably is. But now that she has feelings, she sees nothing else but the finish line. The finish line being marriage, 3 kids, 2 golden retrievers and a house on the hill with you. Hate to break it to you but it doesn’t take a title for these emotions to form. Which means she could loose her marbles any second now.

2) Sex definitely comes in at a close second. Good sex can make anyone lose their sense of reality and it’s no different with women. Sometimes when the sex is so good we begin to feel territorial or possessive. Why is that? Because the sex is good and no one else deserves to experience this joy but us. See how that works? Why give this gift you have below the belt away to Cindy or Ashley when I can have it all to myself? This is where the notorious “so what are we?” line rears its ugly head into the picture.

3) The third and final reason is insecurities. Doesn’t take much for a woman to question herself when there’s beautiful women tempting her crush everywhere. We may compare ourselves to your ex, or current lady in your life. Hell, we may even compare ourselves to your celebrity crush and how can any woman stack up to Nicki Minaj? It may not even be your fault. These insecurities could have come from childhood or a previous relationship that ended badly. And sometimes the only way we know how to keep those scary disappointments from happening again is to micromanage everything. So if you catch your lady giving you the “crazy eyes”, because you were checking someone else out just say: “she doesn’t have anything on you babe”. Crisis averted.

Just remember that feelings are not logical or tangible, therefore we can’t do very much to control them. This also doesn’t justify slashing tires after he left the toilet seat up for the third time either. But it does make us human and vulnerable. Yea we may be crazy but it’s better to have a crazy woman on your hands rather than a woman who gives no fucks. That’s when men become the “crazy bitch”.

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