8 Excuses Women Use When They Aren’t Into You

I’m convinced that there is something in the water and that men are becoming more and more emotional the older I become. While there are some women that are seeking an emotional connection with a man, there are others that simply want sex, a friend or the occasional date with no strings attached. Some men allow their emotions to overwhelm them with ignorance or their ego to fuel their pride. As a result, men completely miss the signs that a woman is not interested in them. Here are 8 Excuses Women Use When They Are Not Into You:

” I’m scared I will hurt you”

First off, when a woman says this phrase you should definitely consider the fact that she might be crazy. “I’m scared I will hurt you”, is an indicator that this woman might be a savage.  Truth is, we know that we are already hurting you and want to free up some space in our conscience for something else. For the women that are truly savages, we know that if we play the victim, it will only make a man work that much harder to get our attention, especially if he’s dumb. Some women enjoy the game.


 ” I’m the worst texter…ever”

There is no such thing as a bad texter. The idea of a bad texter, is an ideology that was constructed by someone who obviously was slightly narcissistic and got their text message left on “read”.  Truth is, she just doesn’t want to talk to you. When a woman is truly interested in a man, she will have no problem texting him throughout the day and all night. You will never go days, wondering if she read your text.


” I’m focused on my career right now”

There are many career driven women, however, it is important to remember that people make time for the things that are important to them.There are 24 hours in a day, and it is physically impossible to work 24 hours period. So what is she doing during her down time?  If she continues to cancel plans and uses her career as an excuse, she is probably having dinner dates with her work husband talking about how annoying you are.


 ” I miss my ex”

If a woman continues to talk about her lame ass ex whether it be negative or positive she is not over the relationship. She might even be subconsciously comparing you to her ex. When a woman is truly over an ex, she is able to completely use the relationship has a learning experience and not hold onto it like a flavorless piece of gum.

giphy (5).gif

” I’m always busy”

Again, people always make time for the things that are important to them. If she continues to cancel plans and you have to basically chase her down to hear from her, she is not interested. Also, sometimes women stop putting in the effort because they know you aren’t going anywhere. Let that sink in.


 ” I’m going through family stuff”

I’m going through “family stuff” was probably one of my favorite excuses when I wanted a guy to leave me alone. “Family stuff” could be related to a variety of serious events to include death, sickness, relocation, mental health issues, jail time….ect the list goes on. When someone says “family stuff” , it automatically makes a person feel inclined to back off out of respect and privacy. Of course at some point the guy usually always reaches out to check on you but, that doesn’t mean you have to respond. After all,  going through “family stuff” can be very time consuming and stressful.


“Thank you for being my friend” 

If a woman implies or verbalizes that you are just a friend at any point in time, then you have been banished to the friendzone and can’t be helped.


You’re Too Nice

Let’s face it, women are more attracted to a guy that treats them “nice” but can also be an asshole.  When a woman says, ” you are too nice”, it’s more of an insult than a compliment. A man that is considered TOO nice is seen as a pushover and weak. Stop agreeing with everything that she says and blowing up her phone.



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