#NationalVoterRegistrationDay: Does Voting Really Matter?

After last night’s debate, the majority of our timeline on  Twitter is either at war or ready to completely throw in the towel regarding the entire election. There are many people that are arguing that they WILL NOT be voting on Nov 4th for a president due to  Trump and Hilary being the candidates. I agree, both are a complete shit show, especially when together. It really makes me wonder how we have made it this far as a country with our ignorance. Like most people, I feel that our country is in turmoil and we are forced to watch two poorly picked candidates battle it out in the Hunger Games (United States Election). We are obligated to hear every speech and media article about how each candidate understands the black community, or how we are going to significantly minimize the debt in the country and live happily every after with either Trump or Hilary. Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and like many, I am conflicted as to whether my vote will actually matter. I seriously feel like a vegetarian with hamburgers and hot dogs as my only options for a meal. Some say that by not voting, a person would be rebelling against a  democratic system . On the other hand by voting, a person would be surrendering to a plagued system that does not care about anyone. Does voting even matter anymore?

In America, voting is one of the most sacred rights that we have to promote change in our communities and social institutions. I’m not going to make this entire post about race or sex but, I would like  to throw the fact out there that voting has been held as an honorable standard in America…especially when our history reminds us that so many people were not allowed to vote. Women weren’t allowed to vote until June 4, 1919 and African Americans in the south were not given the complete freedom to vote without limitations until February 3, 1970.

I think we can all agree that the voting system is corrupted trash and has been so for decades. Though both women and African American people are able to vote today, the fact still remains that the principles of voting were built on a racist and patriarchal foundation. It truly makes me wonder why the government hasn’t significantly looked into our voting system to update it to a certain extent. (That’s another issue). In regards to this election, I couldn’t imagine staying at home while the polls are open then later seeing the candidate that I’m least fond of winning the election. I would feel like shit knowing that I did not at least vote and exercise my right as an American. Staying home and refusing to vote is not an act of rebelling against a twisted system but, more peacefully surrendering in allowing for things to continue as it is or worse. I would much rather vote for a third party candidate like Stein or McMullin,  knowing that their stance is similar to mine instead of not voting at all. Voting for a third party demonstrates that a message is being sent in terms of the pick of candidates while also standing by your values. I think that it’s sad that many young people and other’s that aren’t knowledgeable about the system are completely lost in this election. We currently live in Virginia and if you know anything about our history, the only times that the Democratic Party won our state in the presidential election was in 2008 and 2012 with Obama’s presidency. On an average day running errands in my community, it is over saturated with mini vans with Trump stickers and Trump signs throughout neighborhoods. It feels like Virginia is ready to return back to its Republican roots and it’s scary.

Though it is exciting to see so many millennials and others involved in this election, it also important to pay attention and be knowledgeable about  local congressional representatives, city council represenatives, state representatives …etc as well. Many people are still very much so unaware that these parties will have a greater impact on their everyday life. Remaining in your home on election day and complaining later on by being a Twitter warrior or social media activist will not get you the change that you desire. This election is not all about Hilary VS Trump.  It’s also about ensuring that you are involved, informed and  really want to promote change in your community. Many people feel that their voice is small and with it alone, will not be able to evoke significant change. Despite this, if people can keep up with the latest fashion trends, podcasts, NBA 2k17, Pokemon Go, Angelina and Brad’s divorce….the list goes on; then why is it so hard for so many people to take a few minutes everyday to do research  local voting representatives. I am a strong believer that entertainment apps, television and the media in general are used to distract us from the things that truly matter.

Please don’t forget that your vote matters in this election and so does your money. Do your research and know where your tax dollars will be going. Pay attention because, it all matters.


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