Was Kim Kardashian’s $11 Million dollar robbery an inside job?

Every year Paris fashion week finds itself as a headlining story even in America but instead of a reporting on who wore which look best, it was Kim Kardashian’s name plastered on every news outlet (as if that’s a surprise). This time it wasn’t her outfit or lack thereof being reported on but a terrifying robbery at gun point. Here’s why her former security guard thinks it was an inside job.

Early Monday morning, just an hour after Kim took to snapchat to show her virtual support of Rob and Chynas co-ed baby shower by means of FaceTime; 5 masked men broke into Kim’s luxury Paris apartment. Here’s everything we know so far.

The perpetrators dressed as police entered the building at around 3am. They handcuffed the concierge and forced him to lead them to Kim’s apartment.

They entered her room, put a gun to her temple, gagged and bound her at her hands in feet, then forced her into the bath tub. She reportedly begged for her life, while pleading about her “babies at home.” They then proceeded to steal a jewelry case with $6 million dollars worth of jewels inside as well as a $4.5 million dollar ring and two of her cell phones. She allegedly escaped from the bindings on her own. The mom of two was alone in the apartment at the time of the robbery.

The reality star’s body guard, Pascal Duvier, was accompanying sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, as they roamed Paris. Kanye West was performing in New York when he cut his set short due to a “family emergency” leaving a very angry and confused mob of fans.

Kim and Kanye’s former security guard, Steve Stanulis, blames the 35 year old’s social media presence for the robbery. Stating “snapchat is her undoing” and that posting to social media “‘here I am, and with this $5 million dollar ring I am wearing, here’s where I am going’, you are basically inviting someone to rob you.”

Maybe Steve is onto something here, as much of an asshole as he sounds. I always thought it was a bit strange how open the Kardashians were on social media. Posting pictures and videos of your home and where you are at the moment can serve for more than entertainment purposes. For some it’s a sadistic blueprint on how to get to you.

It is the Kardashians job to be more than transparent in their everyday life, you can blame reality tv but when does safety become priority? Thank goodness Kim is unharmed and hopefully this can serve as a lesson to everyone. I know it is for me. No I don’t have $6 million dollars worth of anything in my home but it doesn’t mean I don’t have any valuables. I just made a very serious trip to Whole Foods and would be distraught if someone stole my $58 worth of groceries.

Practice safe posting people! Never reveal too many details about your whereabouts and especially your home. Pretty sure Kanye will take more serious measures to ensure their safety and if he took the reigns over their security, he works fast. Since the robbery Kanye, Kim, mom Kris Jenner and boyfriend Cory Gamble arrived in New York City surrounded by not one, not two but 15 guards; including the New York police and who can really blame them.

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