4 Ways to Tell a Woman You Just Want Casual Sex

It can be difficult to navigate the dating scene when all you are looking for is casual sex.  When you first meet a woman, it’s not the easiest thing to tell her that you aren’t trying to go through all the “get to know you” bullshit or paying for expensive dates when sex is the mission. The problem is, how do you  tell a woman that you want casual sex without sounding like a  horny asshole? Here are 4 ways to Tell a Woman You Just Want Casual Sex: 

Blunt Honest Approach

For those of you who don’t want to deal with the mind games, a blunt honest approach from day one is always one of your options. It is important to have a respectful delivery, which will heighten your chances of the woman possibly being interested in casual sex. Instead of sounding like an asshole, tell her that you can only handle a casual relationship with no strings attached. Simple. Ask the woman if that is something that she may be interested in. If the woman proceeds to tell you no, it is very important that you let her go and continue your quest elsewhere. I know some of you men enjoy “challenges” but, it is important to find a woman that is on the same page as you and in vice versa. It also wouldn’t hurt if you had a little charisma and “game” as you worked this approach because results may vary. One thing is for certain,  if you have told a woman since day one that your aren’t looking for a relationship it is unfortunately her fault if she gets her emotions involved.

giphy (7).gif

Don’t Do Boyfriend Duties

You would think men would understand this concept by now, however, many still find themselves in a deep hole of stupid. Since we have already addressed that you only want sex, it is important to not go out of your way to make her feel special. Organizing intricate dates shows too much investment and acting possessive and jealous shows some women that you might actually “care” about them. In return,  you are giving her hope for a real relationship possibly in the future. Don’t talk about your past breakups, buy her gifts or attempt to keep the conversation nonsexual. In addition, it is important to not text or call her frequently or spend a lot of time with her outside of the bedroom….or even in the daylight. A lot of men believe that doing romantic activities and putting in boyfriend type effort will get them sex. Though this may be slightly true, it will also leave you with a huge headache and possibly a broken windshield if you aren’t careful. Be mindful, that in order to pull this off you would have to have a substantial amount of game as well. You would have to essentially string a woman along enough, that she feels the need to keep you around for sex.

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Get Physical Quick 

As women we know when a guy  is trying to get in our pants the first chance he gets, 9 times out of 10 is only looking for sex. This is also another way that you are showing a woman that you have an agenda and aren’t going to take her on four beautiful dates before asking for a kiss. This is a good way to get rid of the girls that you may have in your phone who may be looking for something really serious. Eliminate those women immediately.


If she talks about getting serious…

Maybe you are in a situation where you have had casual sex with a woman a few times and now she’s asking the “WHAT ARE WE” question. I personally hate when women ask this question, because if a man hasn’t claimed you as his girlfriend, you technically are nothing. If a woman begins to act awkward and indicates that she wants to move things to a more serious level, you can try to play off her feelings with the following: We would be a horrible couple!; I’m not looking for a serious relationship with you  (Please say “with you” instead of “right now” to let her know there is no future). After you have stated that you are not interested etc., this is your chance to change the subject.

If she is smart, she will get the message and will move on knowing that you aren’t serious about her. If she begins to get into her feelings and press the issue, you have to grab your balls and be 100% honest that you aren’t thinking about a future with her. This also requires you to the backbone to let her go and find someone that is on the same page as her.



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