Killer Clown Threats-Hoax or the Real Deal?

I’m annoyed that “Killer Clowns” are even considered an epidemic sweeping America right now, especially since we have  more important bull shit going on in our country.  If you don’t watch the news or are completely plugged into social media, killer clowns have been spotted in a variety of states. To be clear, these alleged “killer clowns” have not actually committed any murders. The term is simply to describe the reported  ongoing creepy clown sightings at this point. I suppose the problem that a lot of people seem to have is whether or not it’s early Halloween fun, a hoax or just one of those things that the media is promoting to draw our attention away from the real issues…..

The first clown sightings that initially  received media attention were back in August in South Carolina. The clowns were reportedly trying to lure children into the woods,  knocked on people’s doors at home and were walking around town being creepy. The clowns that were trying to lure children into the woods allegedly  put effort into stalking them and used money and other objects to tempt them into the wooded areas. Let me first say that the initial stories that were reported sounded like a horror movie. In addition, there were no reports of these clowns going on  murderous killing sprees.  In my opinion, it sounded like some perverted sex offender type of activity.


A few states like Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, New York and even New Jersey to name a few have reportedly had various clown sightings as well. The reality of the situation at this time, is that the majority of the clowns have not acted in a way that would make one assume that they are planning on actually murdering people. If the individuals in the clown suits are adults, my question is  where exactly are their jobs and  families?  The clowns are basically  walking around being creepy and waving to people and I just honestly want to know why people can’t find healthy hobbies–I know I’m not the only one, right? I mean if they have enough time in their day or evening to walk around in a clown costume and scare people, then they must have time to also fill out a job application or start a Pinterest account….anything.  Though police aren’t necessarily out here hunting for clowns, it’s not illegal to openly be a dumb ass unfortunately. There are people , however, being arrested for making false claims and instigating these empty “clown threats”.

I’m not shocked that social media is partially to blame for hyping up this entire clown situation. Parents, school administration and students in various states have gone into crisis mode after various social media accounts have threatened to kill teachers and students under this “killer clown” persona.  There has been no concrete evidence or a tragedy to support these fears. Social media continues to have people panicking for what seems to be no apparent reason, especially since there are a lot of unfounded threats making their way around. If you really believe that a killer clown may be after you or threatening your safety, how do you find the strength to get it on video and post it on Facebook?

Despite this, police authorities and the school systems are playing it safe by monitoring the issue. The police are increasing their patrol and messages to be cautious are constantly being sent to the schools and communities. It’s outrageous that people are feeding into this epidemic and have even taken the time out to go clown hunting in moments of hysteria. Yesterday, students at Penn State University and Belmont University were outraged after it was reported that a killer clown was on campus. According to an article written by  Rolling Stone, approximately 500 students banded together to search for the clown on their campus. A clown was never found during the event and I agree that the presence of hysteria is powerful. If you think you see a clown and you feel threatened, how about you either run, call the police or if you are a savage fight them. I would actually love to see someone fight a killer clown on Facebook Live.



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