Like a Good Scare? : Here’s How to Spend your Halloween this Year

It’s October again and while some of you would rather take this time to buy as many salted fraps as Starbuck’s can whip up, others may prefer a more bone-chilling experience. Since discovering it was just our annoying older brothers behind those scary masks, halloween seems more recycled than ever. But don’t give up on the disturbing holiday just yet, here’s a few new ways to scare the shit out of yourself and reignite that fire of fear.

In honor of Ari and mines favorite holiday (go figure), I thought it would only be right to let you in on some of the most terrifying adventures you can take part in. If you try anything on this list, you’ll experience a new level of terror you didn’t know existed. Now that I’ve intrigued you curious brave few, here’s the list.

  1. Haunted House

Im not just talking about those cheesy attractions where half of the staff are high schoolers yelling “boo” at you. Im referring to the houses that require you to sign waivers, have an age restriction and provide its participants with a safe word. Why a safe word you ask? Take the Freakling Bros : Gates of Hell production in Las Vegas for example. These workers do more than stand around in dark corners, they’re a tad more interactive. One participator recalled being knocked to the ground by the actors and then dragged down the hall. There are several haunted houses as intense as this across the country. Some even require you go it alone. Meaning you get to experience full on panic by yourself.

   2. A real haunted house

The only thing scarier than a haunted house with interactive actors are interactive entities. At least when you leave a haunted attraction the fear stays at the park. In a real haunted place, these ghosts may follow you home. Like San Diego’s Whaley Houseaka :America’s Most Haunted House.” Built in the 1800s, one of the property’s most chilling stories is of Yankee Jim Robinson who was allegedly hanged there. More recent stories include those of visitors claiming to see ghosts roaming the halls of the estate. Then again they could be lying. Maybe you should check it out? If the U.S. Department of Commerce designated it an official Haunted House, the legend must be true.


   3. Join a paranormal investigation

Like a real paranormal investigation, like one you can buy tickets for. Not making it sound so real, huh? Well if you’re brave enough buy a ticket and book a ghost tour. If you really have the balls, take an over night tour. Not only are you searching for ghosts in actual haunted locations but you’re guaranteed to lose a bit of your sanity. Just imagine trying to debate the rest of your research group that the door down the hall closed on its own because of a wind gust. If you’re that cynical, try out the Ghost Hunt at Haunted Hill View Manor 

 4. EDM Festival

You may not really think about raving at a time like this but consider this the opportune moment to sweat to some hard beats. You won’t crap your pants with fear but those bass drops might do the job. Not to mention, the dedication to detail at these events. These party goers put more effort into their costumes than they do fist pumping. So don’t think that showing up as Harley Quinn will suffice at a halloween event like this. Just look at Escape : Psycho Circus organized by Insomniac events. Or if you’re down for a spooky concert but not so much EDM type music then check out Voodoo Music & Art Experience

   5. Theme Park

Or should I say “Scream Parks” as they’ve been dubbed due to their creepy transition. Almost every theme park transforms into a scarier alter ego of itself during the month of October and although they don’t issue safe words, they do offer a fright or two. After the sun goes down expect a heavily made-up staff member to work a scream out of you. A couple scary scream parks in the country are Universal Studios Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm (see what they did there?), or Cedar Point Haunt.


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