Dumpster Dive Makeup Haul at Ulta: Would You Dumpster Dive for Free Make-Up?

I recently came across various YouTubers dumpster diving at Ulta for free makeup products. Although these people may be discovering free and unopened makeup and other products, I found it hard to watch them literally rummage through the garbage for foundation and eyelashes. Like is it really that serious? We want to know , could you dumpster dive for your favorite makeup products?

To make it clear, dumpster divers areΒ individuals that go through commercial, industrial or residential dumpsters as an attempt to salvage desired items. Dumpster diving is completely legal in the United States, except when prohibited by local regulations. In certain instances, businesses may lock their dumpsters to prevent liability issues, vandalism or the presences of dumpster divers on the premises. It is also possible for dumpster divers to be legally penalized if they have trespassed on property.

Despite the possible legal repercussions, there are people on YouTube that proudly show their makeup hauls from Ulta with some stating that they have salvaged $5000 worth of products in ONE haul.



As a woman that takes frequent trips to Ulta and even Sephora, I am well aware of how expensive makeup costs. Even then, I could never go in a dumpster and search for makeup, especially knowing how hard I work on a daily basis….no shade. Let’s not forget how gross a dumpster actually is Β and the fact there may be bugs and other critters trying to dumpster dive too. Β  I bet for may of these woman that decide to dumpster dive, it is probably a huge adrenaline rush for them. I can agree that I would feel like gold coming home to $5000 worth of my favorite makeup products without having spent any of my hard earned cash.

Maybe these women are disgusted by America’s continued wastefulness and want to adopt the misfit beauty products that retailers so carelessly throw away? Either way, going through the garbage with hopes of finding an untainted mascara or lipstick sounds stressful…..especially since they may gift it to someone else for Christmas.


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