The Science Behind Your Ex Downgrading

The act of an ex downgrading is a common phenomenon that occurs when your ex decides to give their love and affection to someone who is the knock off version of yourself. There are various ways that you may have discovered your ex’s choice to downgrade. Maybe you found yourself stalking their Snap Chat stories or were lurking on their Instagram page and found your ex frolicking around town with his new basic counterpart. It’s one thing for your ex to move on and date some one new, but when their new partner is a complete train wreck with a fake Gucci belt or a bad contour it makes you question everything. Like how could a perfectly sane person leave the comfort of a prime luxury estate to dwindle in Section 8 housing with roaches? It doesn’t make sense. Before your ego and sense of understanding is conflicted, let us break down the science behind why exes choose to downgrade: 

The McDonalds Methodology

Let’s take into consideration that your ex is a horny piece of shit that truly only prioritizes sex over love. Think about it this way…when someone is hungry, they are more likely to pull-up to a drive thru window instead of Ruth’s Chris. Ordering a Big Mac and a $1 sweet tea is cheaper and more convenient than waiting on a Porterhouse steak with all the trimmings.  Your ex is happy with their easy McDonalds style lover even though they’re a sloppy hot mess that looks like a McChicken. When a person breaks a relationship for someone of lesser value and does so for convenience, they aren’t exactly serious about having a long term relationship to begin with. Take this as a dodged bullet and understand that your ex may have a lot of maturing to do. Hopefully, their maturity kicks in before they have to deal with clogged arteries and a partner that will leave them looking just as greasy and busted as them.


The Singularity of Insecurities 

Your ex probably does not have their life together even the slightest bit. Standing next to you probably made them feel like a dirty used toothbrush. Trying to live up to your accomplishments was most likely exhausting for them. I  relate to this idiosyncrasy the most because I have been through it within the last year. When my ex and I broke up, the first girl that I saw him with on social media was a chubby eighteen year old who literally just got out of high school. I knew I had destroyed his ego and sense of self, so this was a way for him to get his manly pride back and feel like he had won. I was not surprised.

He was with a girl that I’m sure held on to every bull shit word he spoke and was young enough for him to get away with murder. I feel like this point will relate to a lot of women because when a man is insecure he will get with any woman after you that makes him feel like a million dollars. Men that are overwhelmed with insecurities that cause them to end a relationship aren’t worthy of your time. It’s also hard to watch someone who thinks they are Oscar worthy walk around with someone that would be caught dead on a red carpet.


The Argument of Addition Fallacy

Some exes are horrible at math and will never understand that just because you have five women/men that add up to about a two  (2+2+2+2+2=10) in terms of value does not give you a perfect 10. It’s unfortunate that some people equate having multiple partners to the arguable value of one solid person who has the same total. Your ex may have five partners that collectively add up to you, however, without all five they will never have the luxury of yourself. Watch them bang all the Waffle House employees, club security, Instagram models or underground rappers that their heart desires. This type of ex fails to realize that they are more at risk of getting trapped in an unwanted pregnancy situation, catching Ebola or an incurable STD; but hey that’s not your problem anymore.


Theory of a Habitual Dumb Ass

There will always be exes out there that wouldn’t recognize a good thing even if it walked up and bit them on their ass. You could have treated your ex like gold while you were in a relationship with them and they still will have something ignorant to say about you. It’s almost like talking to a crazy person that thinks the Balmain at H&M is the real Balmain that Kim Kardashian wears and makes the effort to tag Balmain in all of their Instagram pictures. It just doesn’t work. Exes that fall into the habitual dumb ass category are a lost cause honestly. It’s not you’re fault. Pray for them.


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