Things Fake Friends Do

One valuable lesson life tends to throw at everyone, is discovering their so-called “friend” is anything but.
It may be a painful experience and it may even leave some emotional trauma but there is a fix. The fix being : discarding of the frenemies before they have a chance to strike. Here’s a list of things fake friends do.

-mutual friends with your enemy
One main component of friendship is loyalty and there’s not much of that present if your friend is friends with your enemies. Friends should despise your haters as much as you do or at least decline brunch dates with them. So if your enemies seem awful close these days, you may have a few fake friends in your circle.

-talk about other mutual friends
Whatever a person does to your face they will also do behind your back. Beware of those that will trash talk associates and other mutual friends. They probably say the same about you to the same people they talk about. Catch that? It made sense to me.

-spread your bad business
Ok notice the “bad” in bad business. A real friend will spread the good news about you, not your daily fails. At worst, a real friend will say nothing about you when people come asking. A fake friend will take the opportunity to spread all your dirty dirt. The conversation will start off a little something like “girl, you will never believe…”

-support your stupid dreams
Not to be too harsh but there is such a thing a stupid dreams. So much so that they’ve been dubbed “pipe dreams.” The only goals that are dumb are the ones you’re not willing to work for. So if you’re one of those people that has a new idea or different passion every week, a fake friend will cheer every last one on.

-never tell you, you’re wrong
Not that every phone convo should end with a piping hot debate but your friend shouldn’t be pumping you up to hit your boyfriend with your car either. Someone has to be the voice of reason. Fake friends never are and they always end up ratting you out to the cops after helping you commit the crime. So don’t get too mad at those real friends that call you out on your bull. They see your potential.

-can’t keep anyone’s secret
Never trust anyone that tells you anything about someone else’s personal life. Especially don’t trust them with any secrets of yours. A mistake like that could cost you some dignity.

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