Rihanna & Drake Break Up, Again?

When the Canadian rapper Drake warned us to prepare for summer 16, he wasn’t kidding. Not only did he have major success with his latest album Views, he even scored a sizzling hot summer romance with the superstar Rihanna. Alas, just like their previous go at a relationship, this attempt has sadly ended. Allegedly, anyways.

Lets take it back to the 2016 MTV VMA’s where Drake awarded his lady love Rihanna with the prestigious Michael Jackson Video VanGuard award. During his speech he confessed to being in love with the singer since he “was 22 years old.” They even shared a on stage kiss.


Things appeared to be going well after the pair even got matching shark tattoos and seemed inseparable, for about a month. Now there are reports everywhere that the pair have ‘called it quits’ due to their schedules and are ‘seeing other people.’ I guess one of the perks of being famous is you can dictate when cuffing season begins and ends.

Apparently the rapper has been recently linked to model, India Love. Yes, India Love. Since the alleged split, Rihanna has taken to Instagram to set the record straight. Claiming “none of [her] exes are married” and it’s a safe assumption that she “wasn’t da problem.” She does have a point.


The one thing Chris Brown, Drake, Matt Kemp, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Travis Scott have in common is they aren’t married or in happy relationships. So there’s no way Riri could have been the problem. Then some may argue there’s an issue in who she chooses to date, so the blame does fall back on her. I have one argument for you and thats to take a good look at the men she’s dated. The “Whats My Name” singer switches up the type of men she dates more than her hairstyle. Like Drake and Chris Brown for instance, are total opposites. So it’s not who she’s choosing to date, it’s how these men are choosing to behave.

Not to say the Barbadian bombshell is an angel, we can’t be sure of that. But everyone has the free will to do as they choose and just because these guys are successful in their own right, doesn’t make them a one woman saint either. They may be horrible partners or maybe “schedules” really do interfere when it comes to being famous as f*ck. Either way, it’s a shame we won’t get to see Drake propose to Rihanna. Hopefully they do make things work, because I have a feeling his proposal was about to rival that of Kanye’s to Kim.

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