5 Reasons Why Being “Woke” is Trendy and NOT Informative

The idea of being “woke” is a common little phrase that is constantly used…..(overused) on social media and usually relates to a person being aware of what’s going on in the community. A person that is considered “woke” is typically in the loop about racism and social injustices and is willing to speak out against them. A “woke” person understands the concept of misogyny and all the crazy shit the government probably does in order to distract us from what’s really going on. In a sense, “being woke” is a phrase that is directly related to black culture and the black community as a whole. Despite this, being “woke”has actually become a trend instead of a form of activism regarding important issues. The original cultural meaning of “being woke” is officially lost and now it has become a phrase that people often use as slang or to bash someone who inherently is not culturally aware of their surroundings. In addition, most of the individuals on social media that claim to be woke are not whatsoever.  Being woke has become a trendy joke. Here are 5 Reason Why Being “Woke” is Trendy: 

You Get Recognition 

It’s a trend to boast on social media just how woke you actually are. People think it’s almost chic to come to the realization of the cultural differences going on in the world and then slapping the fact that they are woke in a tweet…#StayWoke they say. I literally laugh at people that have recently come to the realization that they are  “awake” as if racism and inequality is some new phenomenon within our society. Unless you have been living under a rock for your entire life, you should have a gist of what the hell is happening? Some people strive to be considered correct on certain issues regarding racism and social injustices and the “woke” badge gives them the opportunity to be  social media advocates among the masses. When looking at other races using the phrase “stay woke”, it shows that they are politically engaged in the issues within black culture and appear to understand certain dynamic struggles. Unrelated to race, I’ve seen people throw out #StayWoke when they believe Beyonce is a part of the Illuminati or that  the Kardashians sold their souls to the devil. I even saw a tweet from Time back from June 2016 that stated, “Frank Ocean’s album is coming out, stay woke”. Sometimes I think people just want a slow hand clap for simply saying that they are “woke”without actually understanding where the concept comes from. It’s trendy and no one does their research.


Woke with No Support 

The whole idea of being “woke” is that you have no problem speaking out against issues and injustices.  Some may say celebrities like Colin Kaepernick, Jesse Williams, Beyonce,  Erykah Badu and many others are considerably “woke” because they unapologetically showcase their opinions to the public. Which brings me to the question: Are you not “woke” if you don’t speak out and make it known that you are aware? In other words, if you are going to  “walk the talk” can you also “talk the talk” too. There are many people that argue that those that use black culture/people  to their own benefit without acknowledging the initial struggles when issues arise are “fake woke” . In other words, other races want to feel like they are a part of the black culture when it is convenient for them. Overall, what is the point of stating that you understand what the hell is going on but don’t do anything about it. It is ignorant to tweet all day that you are in fact “woke” and understand that black people are treated differently but sit at home and binge watch Narcos all day. It’s even more ignorant to bash other races for actually making the effort to speak out against injustices and put action to their words. None of it makes sense.

giphy (5).gif

 It Looks “Cute” in Your Twitter Bio

The phrase “stay woke” has without a doubt lost its meaning and roots for that matter. Being “woke” has become a comical. I’ve viewed countless profiles of individuals of all races throwing random sentences together and tagging the tweet or post with #staywoke. “The Yeezys come with fake matching receipts, stay woke”.


The Media has Taken it Over

According to MTV back in January 2016, “woke” was listed at the #5 spot on MTV’s top ten list of slang words used by teenagers. In July 2016, Complex Magazine  published an article posing the question of “Who is the Wokest Bae” out of a handful of celebrity crushes they chose. Media platforms like Buzzfeed, Jezebel and Bustle have created quizzes to determine how “woke” you are from a series of questions ranging from :”When is black history month”?, “Are you offended by white people in cornrows”? and “Who can say the N-Word”?

Once the term “woke” hit mainstream media it officially lost its political context and it now has various connotations. There is no turning back.


Battle with Egos

Being “woke” is indeed a competition. I’ve seen various people on social media argue that they have read a certain book, listened to a special podcast or simply watched the news and now claim to be up to speed about what’s been going on for centuries. Just because you read a freaking book, does not make you “woke” and it certainly does not mean that you are ready to expand your worldly views.


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