Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Ever

Halloween can be a time filled with laughter, great friends and some serious cosplay. It’s a holiday full of expression and no one is allowed to judge. In fact, everyone is encouraged to participate. But you may come across a few disturbing looks at this years annual costume party or other frequented locations. Try not to be too shocked if you see a bound and gagged Kim Kardashian ordering her favorite fall drink at Starbucks. Hey it could happen and I would hate for you to drop your latte from the shock of it all. Hopefully this list can prepare you for some of the most offensive Halloween costumes you might ever see!


1) Guess you have to dress the part when you’re going for the mass killer look.



2)Β Because rapists are funny and deserve the good candy on Halloween. In case you needed a clue, he’s supposed to be Bill Cosby.


2) We think Kim K has been through enough without having to see this. I mean the model’s tan is totally off from the real Mrs. West.


3) I don’t even think this is a damn costume.


4) There’s so many things wrong with this. I don’t even know where to start.









5) Even at this age and that much cuteness, I’m still offended.



6) What a bargain!


7) Depending on your sense of humor this is either a huge hit or miss. For me, anyone that dresses up as ISIS should automatically be disqualified from winningΒ “best costume” at any Halloween party!


8) I will admit I would have probably been even more offended at this get-up if Janay Rice, wife of Ray Rice, hadn’t ran back to her husband after that elevator incident.



9) Definitely offensive. Pretty stereotypical. Not at all funny.


10) I think they’re trying to tell us that hitler and a member of the jewish Frank family had a total fling.


11) Any person that has a costume of a young boy attached to their penis is more than likely a pedophile.



12) Why? Just why?



13) I guess if its that easy.

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