Is it cuffing season yet?

When the leaves start falling, temperature drastically drops and Uggs start flying off the shelves, it becomes very apparent that fall has arrived. Another seasonal tradition is finding a mate to battle those brutal winters with. Yes everyone, cuffing season is officially upon us.

If you’re wondering exactly what cuffing season is, don’t worry, it’s simple. It’s that time of year (generally the fall and winter months), when you can expect to see a sudden rise in the amount of couples. About 78% of the single community scrambles to find that one true partner they wouldn’t mind snuggling up with at night. Summer flings come to a swift end and all the love games are left at the club for the rebellious few that would rather freeze to death, alone. But why does this odd dating ritual exist?
Basically everyone decides to couple up because it’s just too damn cold to go out looking for a one night stand. Not to mention it’s kind of hard to have a random hook up when you have to get through about 4 layers of clothing. So that leaves us singles with one of two options : either get a winter boo or go celibate until spring rolls back around.
I for one cannot wait to see everyone claiming to have found their soulmate on Facebook within the next few weeks. It’s going to be interesting to watch them fake a happy home for the rest of 2016. Just make sure if you are planning to participate in cuffing season you don’t end up with a unwanted pregnancy, fiancΓ©, or court case by next summer. Why mention a court case? Thats because your stand in boyfriend or girlfriend might not take it too well when they find out they’re only here because you were sick of watching The Walking Dead alone.

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