How Trust Ruins Relationships

I know I only have about half a paragraph to explain the title before you exit but there’s a very good explanation. Before I ramble on and on about how relationships can be great this and fulfilling that, lets talk about how one of the key components it takes to make a happy relationship can ultimately ruin it. This is how trust can kill a relationship.

Trust is as important to a happy home as oxygen is for survival. It’s vital you trust your partner and vice versa for things to function properly. Without trust, you’re in for a roller coaster ride through hell with your mate. So if you have established healthy habits through communication, honesty and trust, then you have successfully built a strong foundation. At least that’s what I thought too.

I always had a deep need to trust my partner despite all the red flags. Some may call it denial, I called it sanity. I knew I would be one step away from crazy if I resorted to questioning everything my partner said and did. I just didn’t want to live that way so I didn’t. I decided to trust him to the absolute fullest and why not? He’s an adult that knows how to be faithful and stay loyal, so what do I have to worry about? Tragic mistake number 1.

Im not saying you shouldn’t trust who you are with because you absolutely have to. There’s no reason why your current boyfriend or girlfriend should suffer because of a lying no good ex from your past. Those are two completely different individuals. So leave the past, the ex and all those hurt and abused feelings where it belongs, in a mental dumpster where all those bad memories go to rot. And this was a law I followed until the very end of my relationship, so how did my trust mess things up?

I put every last bit of faith into my ex when there were signs present from the beginning urging me not to. And I of course ignored them. That’s when the trust became toxic. He knew I believed him even when stories didn’t add up and he used that to his advantage. Because of that, I got played pretty hard but it saved me from a person I didn’t truly know.

So is trust bad? Not until the universe, God, or whoever you believe in unveils some hard truths and you choose to ignore them. Don’t be the naive doormat like myself, just because you really want to keep someone in your life. Sure the heart wants what it wants but there’s never an excuse to want someone that takes advantage of you either.

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