Even Complexion and Get Rid of Acne Now!

It’s amazing how we’ll relentlessly spend $100’s if not more for smooth, clear, luminous skin. What if I told you that was all possible for under $5. Steam is probably beginning to expel from both ears as you recount that last withdrawal some acne infomercial just confiscated from your account. Well get ready to cancel that subscribtion. Get beautiful skin now!

Ready for the big reveal? Not so fast. I have to be sure to enforce the oblivious commandments of beauty. Water, diet and exercise. Now that that’s over, let’s get to the good stuff.

African Black Soap

Ok so it looks a little weird but so does that wax mask you bought for $75+ dollars from your local high end beauty store. But hear me out when I say this stuff is a miracle in a palm sized package. I noticed an amazing evolution with my skin in the first 24 hours of use. While I’m not promising the same results because everyone is different and will have different results; my testimony is not amongst few.

Many have reported experiencing the same facial miracles within the first few uses. The secret is in the soaps ingredients which is known to heal problem skin. The magical mixture is also known to thin fine lines, even complexion, fade dark spots, reduce eczema, razor bumps, and eliminate blemishes. I told you this stuff was good. It can also be used as an exfoliant to give you that flawless glow.

The soap can be applied to the body as well as hair and skin type is irrelevant as it’s been known to regulate oil production. The plantain skins provide vitamins a & e and iron which also helps aid in uv protection. This little bar of soap packs more benefits than I can list but try it out for yourself. The soap retails for as little as $2.75 in Walmart and various pharmacy’s.

I apply by rinsing my face in warm water to open pores. I then lather the soap in my palms for a few seconds and apply to skin. I gently rub in circular into my face and neck for roughly 1-1:30 minutes. Afterwards I rinse with cool water to close my pores, then I dry with a paper towel. Avoid using towels as they can trap bacteria which is known to cause break outs.

Like I said, I noticed a huge change in my skin after the first use. My complexion was much more evened out as I suffer from dark circles. My hyper-pigmentation from acne scars began to lighten as well. I use the soap every night but don’t recommend that for everyone. Apply the soap nightly for a week and document your skins reaction to see if you have adverse affects to it. If there’s no noticeable negative side affects, continue use as normal.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever tried African Black soap and your experience with it. Thanks for reading!

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