Calvin Harris “taylor-swifted” Taylor Swift in New Music Video

Country-pop tycoon, Taylor Swift, (or isΒ man-eater more appropriate?) chewed up and then violently spit out mega star Calvin Harris months ago. But unlike her last 48 ex’s, Harris is fighting back and he’s using Taylor’s subliminal shade throwing method, music. Here’s how Calvin’s latest video for his hit single “My Way” is being taken the wrong way by “swifties” everywhere. Must be great to have an entire army of emotionally unstable adolescent teens who will tweet to the death. Anyways, here’s the tea:

Last week, singer, songwriter, dj, (and latest Taylor Swift victim) Calvin Harris, released his new video “My Way.” Within seconds every frame was slowly dissected and then formulated into some sort of t-swift overthrow conspiracy theory by none other than her swifties. I honestly don’t know which fanbase nick name is worse but add theΒ “beliebers”, “directioners”, and the “selenators” in the running. Although most of her fans lack cognitive brain function, I have to agree that Calvin took a page from his ex’s book and kicked his pettiness into high gear.

The 32 year old dj spared no detail in his virtual reality themed music video. From the model’s clothing, to the horse stunts it was clear he pulled some inspiration from some of Taylor’s most iconic looks. He was even sitting at a dining table just like Tay-tay did in one of her music videos. Yes, a dining table. Same flat surface and everything too. Swift fans have already compiled more side by side comparisons than Kim K’s committed ass debunkers. Both have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to expose a truth that no one with an actual life, gives an actual f*ck about. The irony in this post is just as nauseating for me as it is for you.

If I’m being completely honest, I am a bit curious to know what Mr. Harris had to endure for all those months he was with theΒ country singer. She was in a completely new relationship within the first four weeks after their split (talk about break-up etiquette), meanwhile Calvin still appears to be reeling from some form of post break-up PTSD. I guess we’ll never know who the true culprit is, although I have a feeling Kanye has an idea; along with Katy Perry, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, Demi Lovato, all of Taylor’sΒ ex’s, and the long list of people she’s sued, including her guitar teacher.Β I’ll let that simmer there.

For now, enjoy these pictures full of shady proof cooked up by some lonely, bored and disgustingly loyal swifties. Then be sure to checkout the “My Way” music video below if you’re still feeling skeptical.




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