Let the 2016 Presidential Election Inspire You

Fear has officially been struck into the hearts and lives of thousands if not millions of citizens. #NotMyPresident has been trending on social media since our 45th president was announced and hate has spread like wildfire throughout some of Americas communities. Whether you are ecstatic with the outcome or still waiting to gain access to Canada’s immigration website (like myself), our future is undoubtedly uncertain. This is some of the reported aftermath of the 2016 presidential election and how I’ve found inspiration through the crisis.

Social media isn’t any more reliable than Wikipedia when it comes to facts but if there’s one thing that can’t be forced, its people’s honest opinion. Because of sites like twitter, tumblr, and Facebook it’s very easy for a person to log on and use wifi as a tool for social disruption and don’t let them go viral. One hashtag in particular has been stirring up feelings no one even knew they had. #NotMyPresident or #NMP has taken the world of social media by storm. Everyone is letting America know how they feel about our new president. If only voting would’ve been made possible through Instagram, twitter or snapchat; then again someone like Waka Flaka or Kevin Durant may have become Commander in Chief. I actually would’ve preferred that.

There have also been reports on members of the Klu Klux Klan making an official appearance in states like North Carolina. If you know anything about this group, spotting them is like spotting big foot. They like to hide their pretty faces behind those fashion forward cloaks, you know? Unofficial reports of several muslims being attacked in public have also been made. And if you check out any platform, blacks and whites have begun dehumanizing each other in the most offensive ways possible. Many American women have been photographed in tears or angrily lashing out from last nights results. College students have even demonized the education system and workforce for needing so much experience to land jobs, when our 45th president probably doesn’t even know what foreign policy is.

It’s interesting how it seems that no one is celebrating this election. Either people are in mourning, moving across the pond, or brainstorming on how they’re going to commit their next hate crime.
While the world, America in particular, has found itself in a state of chaos; I see opportunity and I hope some of you can too.

Donald winning this election proves one thing, anything is possible. Never thought the guy famous for firing Omarosa, would be deciding the fate of our country but what can you expect when incest is still at large in the rural areas of America? The great thing about this country is you can be completely unqualified and still make power moves. So what does it come down to? Money, maybe. Charisma, likely. Ideas, hell yes.

The U.S. was built from the fundamental notion that everyone is equal and given equal opportunity. While we know that’s not true for most minorities, the good news is it doesn’t matter anymore. Now people can envision a dream and bring it to fruition. I know this election was frustrating for almost everyone, being that Hilary won the popular vote, but now there’s no excuse. If this country is gullible, dumb, and ignorant enough to vote this man into the position he is, recognize this as a wake up call.

The time is now to pursue your goals for a better future. Don’t give up because the wrong candidate won, let it inspire you. Whenever doubt begins to creep into your thoughts about your future just look at who the actual fuck is sitting in the Oval Office. Realize that trying to make that pro team or getting your mixtape recognized or getting through law school isn’t impossible. Whatever your goals, never give up on them. No matter who does or doesn’t support you, learn to support yourself. Be self sufficient, practice good work ethic and practice having Kanye confidence until it becomes natural.

No matter what president is in office or what shape the world is in, you have control over your life, never forget that. And should reports emerge that yesterday’s election was rigged, just pray the good Lord fires Trump from Washington.

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