5 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Survive the Holidays

There’s nothing worse than your relationship going completely sour right around the holiday season. From having all your nosey family members in one room for Thanksgiving…..to having to explain that the guy in all your Instagram photos has seemingly vanished sounds like a nightmare.  Before you tell your parents to finally clear out an extra spot at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, here are 5 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Survive the Holidays:

Your Partner is Quiet About Holiday Plans

If your partner is quiet and has no input regarding holiday plans with you, this might be an indication that they have no intention of carving out that time. If asking your partner what they want for Christmas becomes an argument, consider the possibility that they are going to disappear to avoid getting you a gift. I know that I’m not the only girl that has dated a guy that would literally start a WWII styled argument as a tactic to avoid gift giving around major holidays.


There’s NO Compromise

Spending the holidays with your partner is also a season of compromise. During this time, there are a lot of friends and extended family members that are dying for your attention and to make some memories with you. Despite this, it may not be physically possible to attend all the holiday parties, events and brunches that you are invited to. It’s important to compromise with your partner and decide which events you will attend together. Keep in mind that this will not be possible if both of you don’t give up an ounce of your control. It’s important to notice whether or not your partner is willing to compromise. If you notice that they care more about their needs being met instead of seeing the need of the entire relationship, than this is an early sign of doom. One of the biggest issues that people have when in a relationship is the reality of considering the other person when making plans. As the ONLY exception, if this is your first holiday season together as a couple keep an open mind towards holiday plans.


Sex Has Gone Stale  

The pressures of the holidays can put a lot of additional stress on a relationship. The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time for many couples, however, some become overwhelmed with initial holiday demands. Though the holidays are supposed to consist of spending time with your family and friends, do not allow this to suck the life out of your relationship. Maybe your parents don’t agree with who you’re dating at the moment, or your best friend got into a heated debate with your boyfriend last year……Either way, it’s important not to fall apart as a couple if you truly want to be with one another. Everything that you do as a couple during the holiday season does not have to go on Instagram for the world to see. There’s nothing wrong with taking some intimate time alone as a couple to have some holiday fun. The holiday season is not a good time to reject your partner or to even acquire feelings of rejection. Communicate early on your expectations and needs from your partner when stress arises.


 Can’t Come Together as a Couple

This is the ultimate sign that your relationship will not wither the storm of the holiday season. If you and your partner are not able to come together in front of  family and friends when things are a bit rocky you are headed for disaster. Losing yourself towards your partner in front of family and friends can be a sign of some deep rooted issues. It can also be a sign of public humiliation, especially if it happens often. Please consider going to holiday events alone if there is a chance you will call your boyfriend a “little b*tch” in front of your grandparents.






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