In Memory of Kanye West: 10 Things We Wouldn’t Have If There was No Kanye 

Over the last few days, Kanye West has made headlines for his bat shit crazy rants during his Saint Pablo Tour. Kanye speaking his mind is never out of the ordinary, but lately it seems as if he’s going too far with his opinion. It all began at his show in San Jose last Thursday night, where he stated he would’ve voted for Donald Trump if he had voted at all. To make matters worse, days later at his show in Sacramento he stopped  performing after three songs….which initially had fans pissed altogether. He proceeded to put his feelings out to his fans and claim that Beyoncé hurt him. Kanye reported that Beyoncé allegedly conspired with MTV to perform  “only” if she won Video of the Year. I suppose this was Kanye’s way of calling out the politics within the music industry but, seriously why at a concert where people paid money to see you perform? Beyoncé would never…. Kanye went further to call out Jay Z for not returning his phone call by saying the following, “Jay Z, call me, bruh. You still ain’t call me … Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head, just call me. Talk to me like a man,”. After his rant, he dropped the mic and walked off the stage. Though there’s a lot of fake mad people on social media boycotting Yeezys and refusing to support, I do feel that Kanye allows his emotions to get in the way of the artistry of his work. I respect Kanye for speaking his mind to a certain extent, but for the most part I would much rather him just keep his contradicting opinions to himself. Kanye has recently canceled his concert hours in Los Angeles which also leaves the possibility that the rest of his tour may be up in the air as well. I honestly would not want to go to a concert where there might be the possibility that the performer is going to stop after a couple songs and then rant to the crowd about their personal issues. That’s not what I spent my money on. I don’t know whether we should just collectively blame the Kardashians for Kanye’s behavior or just blame Kanye for Kanye.  I feel like there’s the possibility that the death of Kanye is upon us and I think we should take a break from shaming and look at all the things we wouldn’t have without him….

The College Dropout/Late Registration/808s and Heartbreak

Yes it’s debatable,  however, these are arguably Kanye’s best albums. I would almost even consider these classics. The Kanye without the drama, just strictly music.  From Jesus Walks to Welcome to Heartbreak, there is no question that Kanye is untouchable…..or was. 


Amber Rose

As much as I love Amber Rose, no one knew who she was until she started dating Kanye West. It’s safe to say, that their relationship started her on a more notable career path.


Taylor Swift and Kanye : MTV Video Music Awards circa  2009

Kanye really did make Taylor Swift famous to a certain extent . Yes, she was already extremely successful prior to this prominent pop culture  moment , however, she was not popularized. This moment helped put Taylor on the level she’s on today. 


Rapping About Jesus?

In terms of hip hop culture, Jesus has always been off limit territory. I honestly don’t know another rapper  that made a notable track likes Jesus Walks ever so eloquently. 


 He Made Looking Homeless Chic

Who else can make people spend hundreds of dollars to look homeless ?


 No GOOD Music

In 2004, Kanye started his record label GOOD Music which put a variety of notable artists on such as Big Sean, John Legend, Pusha T, Common and Kid Cudi…..even kept a few of them relevant.


Leather Jogging Pants

Enough said ….


Kim Would Still Probably Dress Like This Without Kanye…..

Kanye basically helped  Kim Kardashian reach the level of stardom that she has today . If she had married Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries or God forbid Ray J she wouldn’t be as notable . He without a doubt helped her elevate her status in Hollywood. 


 North and Saint West 

Possibly two of our favorite little people that wouldn’t be here without Kanye….obviously. 







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