Best Moments from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Is it already that time of year again? No not the time of year where we stuff our faces with as many carbs, calories and Pattie Labelle pies as humanly possible but that time of year where we hate ourselves extra hard for holiday binging. Why the tough love? Because the “sexiest runway show” of the year is back, I’m talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of course. If you missed the show or choose not to subject yourself to a little inevitable self hate (don’t worry, its normal) here’s the best moments from the 2016 show that aired tonight:

  1. Lady Gaga

The “Poker Face” singer is back and better than ever. Her new album Joanne was just released October 21 and this is one of her biggest performances of the year. Besides singing the national anthem at this past Super Bowl of course, she’ll even be performing at next years Super Bowl halftime performance. Just thought i’d throw that in there. Mother monster stunned as she sang some of her biggest hits from her latest album. My favorite from the night was her “Million Reasons” performance. The song is beautiful and heartfelt but talks about a failing relationship, which makes perfect sense given her recent break-up with ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney. He’s such an ass. Anyways, here’s a video of one of her performances from the night.


2) Hadid Sisters

It’s awesome enough to see Gigi or her kid sister Bella, grace any runway but rarely do you see two supermodel sisters. Seriously, what is in their genes? They broke a record at the Victoria’s Secret show by being the first ever set of sisters to walk the same show and slay they did. They slayed the runway, their outfits, their poses, my entire life; the slayage was almost too much to witness. Here’s a couple pics of the sisters from the Paris show.



3) Bruno Mars

One of the funniest moments of the night had to be watching these models tower over the “24 Karat Magic” crooner. His performance was so good that I hardly even noticed his ‘short comings’ because I was too busy ugly singing (it’s a real thing) to his hit single. And this wasn’t the hitmaker’s first rodeo at the VS fashion show or his second, probably not even his third but who’s counting. He’s graced the runway almost as many times as VS veteran Adriana Lima and I’m not complaining about either one being a Victoria’s Secret regular. Here’s a few pictures from his performance.


4) Irina Shayk

If you know anything about fashion then you know Irina Shayk is a major power player in the industry. She’s a widely known and successful supermodel, who’s not only 30 years old which is equivalent to 70 in high fashion but she’s Bradley Coopers new boo and baby mama. Yes, you heard me. Irina walked the show pregnant with her first child and she couldn’t have looked more stunning. No one could even tell she was pregnant. Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself but I warn you, even her being pregnant won’t make you feel any better about that last pack of oreos you just annihilated.



5) Bella Hadid’s showdown with Ex The Weekend

Along with Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, The Weekend also performed at this years show. The weekend and Bella Hadid dated for about 2 years before recently calling it quits. Kind of awkward walking a televised runway with celebrities in the crowd, the entire world watching, oh and having to encounter your ex in front of everyone. Most of us get to slither off into the abyss whenever we spot an ex in public and we get to do it without anyone really knowing or caring. Bella and The Weekend are rich, famous and rich (did I already say that?) so they don’t get such luxuries. Well their interaction was as heart wrenching, dramatic and awkward as a disney channel original movie but with amazing tan lines and designer jackets. Did that make sense? If not just check out these pictures of their encounter. You’ve more than likely already seen this photo because its become the face of ‘how to brutally slaughter your ex without even lifting a finger’. Ive been practicing my cut eye ever since but I have a feeling I’m still going to haul ass in the opposite direction whenever I run into my ex.


There were so many more memorable moments from this years show but instead of rambling on and on about the amazing bead work, accessories, or the million dollar fantasy bra; I’m just going to insert a few more pictures for you all to enjoy.











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