I Blame Black People for Making Tomi Lahren a “Rising Star”

In an article posted yesterday by the New York Times, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was labeled a  “rising media star”.  The title of the article astounded me, considering the fact that Tomi has taken so many L’s this year to the point where I’ve lost count. Despite this, I cannot blame the spread of her cancerous logic without also blaming The Breakfast Club and The Daily Show for opening up their platforms to her words. I know ratings are crucial to any platform, but what will destroying Tomi on national televised platforms over and over again actually solve. No one in their right mind actually believes that continuously debating ignorance is going to miraculously be the golden ice pick to chip off a piece of racism. It is ironic to me to watch a respected radio personality like  Charlamagne Tha God and a talk show host like Trevor Noah fuel Tomi’s popularity and relevance instead of watching it slowly die out. It makes me wonder if anyone would even entertain her logic if she were a white male, especially off screen. If there was a black woman who spoke about white people with the same aggression as Tomi would television and radio networks be dying to hear her stance? The answer is, no.

Only in America can someone continuously get embarrassed on national television due to their lack of research, preparation and knowledge yet still be labeled a “star”. Tomi is still the host of her own show with TheBlaze and  fails to showcase her ability to hold her own during heated debates. Tomi appeared on The Daily Show last week, which was a disastrous attempt for her to explain how the BLM is basically the new KKK and how “she doesn’t see color”. The entire debate on The Daily Show, for me was cringe worthy. I don’t understand how someone can live in America…have a career on television, yet be so uninformed about key issues.

I find it interesting that although Tomi consistently bombs her interviews and debates, Charlagmagne and Trevor Noah separately still felt the need to hangout with her off camera. Trevor Noah was spotted having drinks with Tomi and TMZ  reported that she and Charlamagne  were seen together presumably discussing why she blew off her interview with The Breakfast Club.  It doesn’t sound like rocket science to me as to why she blew it off…but ok.  TMZ reported that Charlamagne and Tomi met as a means to try and understand each other’s opposing views. I am by no means demonizing another person for their difference in opinions but, but what is the point of going the extra a mile with someone who is so threatening to black culture and propelling it forward. As an influential  public figure, why would you want to be a part of that? Why waste time to try and explain the real world to someone who enjoys the fantasy life they have constructed?  It’s obvious that Tomi does minimal research to back up her opinions, which leads me to believe a lot of her stance is internally rooted. She naturally believes the statements she makes and has made no individual effort to seek understanding. Attempting to have Tomi on the The Breakfast Club,  a radio show that targets hip hop culture, to poke fun and ask about black penises is ridiculous and is reportedly something that Charlamagne wanted to bring up. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind on behalf of the 1st Amendment, but constantly spewing ignorance is a whole other issue.


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