I Tried “Souping” For a Week, Here’s What Happened

I’m pretty serious about diet and exercise, like vegan food on Tuesday’s and 4 hour gym sessions on Thursday’s (in case you didn’t know, that was a lie). I’ve always loved my body but as of recently i’ve been extra critical of how I look (ok I’m lying again, I’m actually a little obsessed with myself). Then I pondered on exactly what I would like to change and dieting was the most obvious answer. Mind you, I was standing in line at Chipotle while having this convo with myself; I knew the regret of scarfing down a burrito bowl was one credit card swipe away so I had to do something. It took one google search before the newest dieting trend became my latest obsession. Souping. 

What is souping exactly? Souping is a soup based diet where all you consume is (drumroll please) soup. Now don’t go thinking you can just head to your neighborhood walmart and stack up on chicken noodle soup with the star shaped pasta, its never that simple. But the good news is, it’s not complicated either. The reason you can’t go crazy on campbell’s is because store bought soups are kind of unhealthy and the souping diet is all about detoxing your body. So you will need much healthier ingredients lacking dairy and packed with protein and fiber.


This diet has become a fast favorite for many looking to shed a few pounds because its not your average “healthy” crash diet, if that made sense. Im sure you’ve come across juicing, you may have even attempted it and if you have , you already know how incredibly painful it is. Day after day, and night after night of drinking brown colored juices that taste like grass that’s been pissed on by every animal in the wild. Sorry for the vivid description. Or diets like the master cleanse that don’t taste as bad but the hunger pangs…I won’t even go into detail. Souping is nothing like those diets because you still get to consume solids and it tastes way better than any crash diet I’ve ever tried (that was a joke).

So let’s talk about the results. Short story, I lost weight. But not like Tara Reid drastic, more like, where’d the bloat go? My body definitely looked more svelte, I’m talking waist snatched. After one week of the diet I didn’t experience any fatigue, chills, mood swings, headaches, or hunger. I always felt full thanks to the fiber and had more energy than normal thanks to the protein. My skin even had a clearer more even complexion (and I didn’t think it could get any better) chipotle really is the devil. In all, I lost 6 pounds after a week, almost a pound a day. It was amazing to see that small amount of weight loss actually change the way clothes fit.


The secret to souping? Its all in the ingredients. One bowl of soup has as many nutrients as an entire meal and the calories typically stay between 300-400 per bowl. The only thing I do not like about this diet is how expensive it is. You can pay anywhere from $75-$200 per day for this detox diet, just check out one of the popular souping companies like Soupure.  Which is why I went the make it yourself route. Way more affordable and I was in control of the meals, so I could substitute certain ingredients like avocados for  artichoke hearts, broccoli or humus because they taste that much better of course. Another great thing about this diet is you can go at your own pace. Maybe you just want to do a one day detox or substitute one meal a day for soup for a week or so, its all about what works for you, your lifestyle, and your schedule. Just don’t try to make this a lifelong daily thing, detoxes are only meant to be temporary and for good reason.

Does souping work? Sure it does but (there’s always a but) this weight loss is only temporary if you don’t plan to make healthier dieting changes in the long run. The only way to keep the weight off is to practice healthier habits, you know the diet and exercise we all try to avoid? Detoxing is a quick way to lose serious weight but is unhealthy if done for too long or done incorrectly. These types of diets are great ways to kick start a real diet plan or to lose weight for an important day or event like a wedding. So don’t expect that waist to stay snatched if the day after detoxing you reward yourself with a “gotta have it” sized create-it-yourself Coldstone treat (like I did).

Interested in “souping” yourself away? Check out some of my favorite soup recipes here and if you’d like a detailed but easy to follow souping plan, click here for more.

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