How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

The most humorous aspect about beginning a new year is the fact that we, the people, love to kick it off with a bunch of lies. Lies about how were going to change, start that new diet, never sleep with that fuckboy again, call our mother more. I know change can be difficult to accept, let alone follow through with but how else are we going to get right for summer, start that new business, or eat, pray, love? Lets talk about how to stick to those new year’s resolutions when the going gets tough.Β 

Set Small Goals :Β One reason you may be failing at life or those end of year promises, is because you’re being unrealistic. Long term goals are great to set and you should have some idea about what you want the big picture to look like. But these long term goals are as good as dead without smaller milestones set in place. These are much easier to accomplish and helps keep you organized for the path ahead. Dream big, plan smart.

Keep Goals to Yourself : You know howΒ you’re supposed to be the only one that knows what you wished for on your birthday? SameΒ deal with goals, dreams and even new year resolutions. It’s natural to be excited about a bright future you’re planning for but you may want to keep that enthusiasm to yourself. Some people won’t see, like or be able to understand your goals so its better to avoid the critics if they can’t support you.

Failure is ok : I know its difficult to accept that after weeks of clean eating it all came to a swift end with one hot glazed doughnut. So what if you “fail” at one goal or another? Doesn’t mean you should completely abandon ship. The only way to truly fail is if you decide to give up. Prove to yourself that one or two minor setbacks are only temporary and can be easily fixed as long as you don’t make excuses.

Patience, Patience, Patience : The hardest part about success is waiting for it to come and this is when most decide to throw in the towel. After so much hard work, time, and energy its only natural to want to see results but that may not happen when you necessarily want it to. Whatever your goals or resolutions are just realize they will take time to achieve, which is ok. Its better to look back and see how far you’ve come versus seeing no improvement or change. Steady progress is a major key to achieving any sort of dream or goal.


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