Kim Kardashian Starts New Nail Trend

Just when things couldn’t get any trendier, leave it up to Kim K to go where others have never gone before. Nail piercings are all the rage now, thanks to a quick hand flash on snapchat. Here’s a few pics of the new nail art and why or why they’re not so trendy in my book:

Just about every woman enjoys a nice pampering of the nails at any given salon. Plus the customization options are completely endless. Feeling a little stiletto nail or maybe the coffin shape is a little more your speed. Lets not even get started on the thousands of designs and trinkets you can glue on. Hell, I’ve even seen nails with canabis in them (what a waste).

I’m all bout every woman expressing herself but these nails are a little extra for me. I mean get your boyfriend’s face painted on to your index finger all you want but actually piercing the nail then placing little hoops in just seems more tedious than fun. Especially for the working woman whose finger hoops would probably get stuck, snagged or caught on just about everything. I don’t know, I’m less than phased with this new trend. Even though you may not be seeing yours truly walking around with some nail hoops, I do respect the change up in style. Maybe i’ll catch the next trend bandwagon, until then check out some pics for inspiration or whatever.









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